Either you stumbled here on your own volition or I forced you to. Anyway, you’re here.  Check out the navigation to your right.  It’s quite lovely and probably contains your inquiries. I have been pouring out oodles of meaningless dribble on my Blog for your perusal.

Have also been digitizing the family Genealogy.  This is being split up into 2 different ways:

  1. Piotter.org mainly dedicates one page to one person. Must click link by link to view other a family member or family name. Very static and almost boring.
  2. Piotter.info is a fancier way to look at my genealogy information.  You can see random photos, family stats, birth/anniversary calendars, dynamic relationships between various family members, and much more. Highly recommended!

These two locations are being updated somewhat infrequently.

Browse away and send me an intimate critique if you so desire.