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Save yourself… and earn $100

29. March 2007 | Category Celebrity, Money

I love watching that crazy lady Suze Orman on PBS from time to time. She rants and raves at us like she’s rich… oh wait she is. But once in a while she throws us a golden bone. This particular book run of hers, she’s getting women (but men too) to start thinking for retirement.

With the SAVEYOURSELF one can start a retirement account with as little as $50/month for 1 year and get $100 bonus on the 13th month. Sounds like a lot better interest to me than the ol’ rich banker will give you up town. I’m in……

Oh, use code 701


Waste of space?

28. March 2007 | Category Internet, Observations, Technology

I know that Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace are all the rage for the kiddies on the internet these days. I have frequented these establishments and actively have accounts with them.

I just fail to see why Myspace is the craze that it is. I mean, it’s not easy to configure with backgrounds or what not. It’s next near impossible to just find someone’s Myspace web address, nothing neat and kind about that. The layout is confusing and can be placed about.

Moths are just drawn to some interesting flames. Maybe it’s something I’m not seeing here, but if it’s that unobvious, it sure isn’t living up to the simplicity principle.


Sports Racer, Racing Sports…

8. March 2007 | Category Observations

What’s your power move?

I feel so selfish for enjoying Ze Frank and The Show for the past year. What a hilarious young man. Too bad he’s only doing his show for one year. What started out on March 17,2006 will shortly end later this month. I am sad for this, but as Ze has said, it’s to make it all worthwhile, not like the OC. But I also really liked Rocketboom when it was hosted by Amanda Congdon; but alas neither is now good without the other.

I really can’t wait to see what this Ze character will do next Tech related, but I’d watch for him.