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Piotter-Hochsprung Wedding Site

14. October 2008 | Category Interests, Personal, Rest of Site

As the wedding is a mere 7 months away, it seems to be all the rage to create a wedding website. This will be located at michaelpiotter.com/wedding which is currently just a page really, but will be fully functioning at least before May 9,2009.




29. July 2008 | Category Genealogy, My Websites, Rest of Site, Technology

I’m disappointed in Geni.com. They have all the makings of a neat, Web 2.0 company that just happens to focus on genealogy.

But I can’t get behind it. I realize it’s in beta, but there is one small thing that irks me and I’m sure it’s a deal breaker. As I have played around extensively with genealogy software like Legacy here and PHPGedView here, I’ve tried and test drove most genealogy software out there.

The one and only thing that has me not investing more time/effort into Geni is the fact that when you add women it does nothing about maiden names. It assumes whomever you add them off is their name. I for one recognize women by their maiden names and don’t appreciate typing/ retyping in every maiden name because of a software shortfall.

Geni is promising. But I’m waiting for them to work out all their beta features. Maybe then I dip my toes back in.


Free Email for the Masses

10. May 2006 | Category Genealogy, My Websites, Rest of Site

It’s been a while since I’ve registered some really cool TLD domains, namely Piotter.org and Piotter.us. While I am still struggling to find something compelling and exciting to put up on these pages, I did do something neat which I’d like to offer to the masses or at least those people out there they be named ‘Piotter’ and have a strong desire to be: awesomename@piotter.org or awesomename@piotter.us.

That’s right, I’m opening up email registration on the two Piotter domains to any individual with the last name Piotter. Clever huh? How’s it work you ask. Well, since Google is nice and gracious with their Gmail account service, they’ve also offered to start hosting email from domain names like my two for FREE !! So you get your name @piotter.org or @piotter.us which is hosted through Google’s Gmail Service.

You don’t have to worry me administering your email either. Accounts are setup with desired user name and a random password that can be changed at anytime. All I do is set them up and bask in the glory of being such a nice guy 🙂

So if you like Gmail and/or want a cool,new email address, check this offer out. To sign up, just email me!



18. February 2005 | Category Internet, Rest of Site, Technology, Updates

After searching Google for a while, decided to plug in the ol’ surname ~ Piotter and low and behold my newest endevor was uncovered.

Few days back I registered piotter.tk, which points to this blog. The DotTK refers to a small bunch of islands bobbing around the Pacific. Seems they have embraced the internet to help pay for things in their country. So I registered this domain in hopes of having another Piotter domain name. One stipulation though:

Can I lose my free Dot TK domain name?

Yes, having a free Dot TK domain name does not give you the legal ownership. Dot TK allows you to use your chosen Dot TK domain name as long as you have 25 visitors or more on your domain name once every 90 days. Activity must include website access to your Dot TK website. If you don’t have more than 25 visitors to your website in 90 days, your website is either not up or you did not provide any content. That will result in a cancellation of your registration. Your domain name will then be automatically available for other registrants to register either as a free or as a paid registration.

I’m sure I won’t visit it that much, and this domain will probably expire in 90 days, but this seems like a decent way to link to a garbarled web address for a highly frequented place. Heck, they even set up email forwarding up for you.

Just a very interesting domain register.


MSN Spaces

3. December 2004 | Category Internet, Rest of Site, Technology, Updates

Seems MSN is finally jumping on the blog bandwagon. So I’ve signed up with:

the epitome of ambiguity @ MSN Spaces

Not sure if it’ll be as cool as this weblog, but it’s something interesting at least. After toying around with the features and custom settings, it might be a good thing for people wanting to get into weblogs fairly easy. Even heard they might integrate the newest MSN Messenger to post to this Spaces site. We shall soon see.