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Wow, an update

27. July 2010 | Category Updates

I know it’s been a exceeding long delay since the last posting. I think it’s sufficient to say that being married, working full time plus part time and being a home owner of a fixer up consumes most of my present waking hours.

Married 1 year 3 months now. That’s going good and enjoyable.


5 years at full time (got nice set of Monogrammed drinking glasses… ooh aah)

7 years at part time gig… whoa that’s long…


Numerous, numerous projects. I started with big ideas and they are slowly taking form as finished products.

First/main level completed to my liking.

Currently working on Garage wall (drywall)

Whole 2nd story
New ceilings/walls throughout, bedroom bigger, smaller bathroom, totally redo bathroom minus tub/shower, adding closets to bedroom, moving doors from bathroom to hallway entrance to back bedroom

Bits and pieces outside
Gutters, gardens, trees/plants, landscaping

Bits and pieces of basement.
Redid walls along steps to basement, remove/reroute all scary things that start/terminate in basement


Redo insulation and seal all gaps, and the list goes on forever….

98 High Ave

Up Dating

25. February 2007 | Category My Websites, Updates

I realize this blog has been getting a tad stale and languishing. There has been reasons. First and foremost, I’ve changed hosting and am no longer able to use Movabletype without upgrading hosting…. too bad I learned this after the fact. So now it’s on to WordPress which seems to have a bunch of the same things going for it, with a bit different.

I’m sure the only thing that matters is content, content, content. I have some….. it just needs to get out. Since the last post I’ve been to Germany and back and did a bunch more interesting stuff, so I’ll have to update on that all.

Hope things are tiding over for now….


Michigan, thy Glove-ed State

14. July 2006 | Category Updates

Having had the choice of spending July 1-6 curled up in the fetal position pondering the relavance of the 4th of July holiday or traveling to the state of Michigan, I boldly decided to attempt the latter. Plus getting the oppurtunity to be able to take only one vacation day off of work to get said holiday; I was stupid not to.

What’s in Michigan you might ask, I might says trees, but that would be rhetorical. Actually, there’s a girl I met some 14 years previous on a 4-H exchange trip. I’ve kept in touch and it’s always an interesting time when I go to visit.

As for the timing of this trip I decided renting a car would be the prudent thing to do, seeing as I can’t imagine how much fun it would be if my car got me stranded in like Chicago somewhere and airplane flights were mucho expensive for a last minute traveler. The prospect of driving nearly 14 hours was not exciting and in retrospect still wasn’t grand. I believe the parts that made it sucketh big time were the said time allotted and also Chicago, the drivers nightmare.

I actually didn’t do so shabby on timing. Going out I started from Gaylord at 7:00 a.m. (sharp) and arrived in Rochester’s airport a bit after 9 for car rental. But someone at Budget decided to sleep in so I didn’t get out of there until 10 am which I originally had planned on timewise. So with fuel/personal pitstops, upwards of 1 hour waiting in traffic on a Saturday night in Chicago and a time change; I made East Lansing, MI by 9:30 pm.

Coming back was pretty much same timewise. I left at 8:00 a.m. and made Chicago by noon after trying to take some back roads that looked like they would avoid Chicago. Seems they had stoplights every 2 miles maximum. That got old fast and I decided to try the parking lot… oops the interstate. Yeah, interstates in Chicago at say 1 p.m. suck. It took me upwords of an our to get out of Chicago by exiting it in the south and trying to fly across most of Illinois instead of trying for more of the gridlocked interstate that the rest of Chicago may have been. Having made time up that way afforded me the oppurtunity to visit a DQ in Decorah, IA that in managed by a family I got to know through Green Isle’s CTC. So that was worthwhile too. All said I arrived back in Gaylord at roughly midnight. So with time delayed on interstates, adding a hour change over and various fuel/personal pitstops, I also didn’t make too terrible of time. 15 going out, 16 coming back on a timeframe scheduled for 14 hrs? Not too bad in my book.

Driving that distance solo makes you wonder how truckers can do that day in and day out. Must love driving and/or have seats that are luxurious. Oof-Da!

Other than hanging out with my friend, we also got to see the Piotter Center and Piotter Highway, both roughly located in Adrian, MI (just northwest of Toledo,Ohio). Although not immediate relation, I have corresponded with family members from the area and they said their ancestors came from Pomerania, the same as my line of Piotters. Except in Michigan they don’t pronounce the name Pee Otter, but Pee- Odor.

Good times.
Ego-trip for sure!





So… here we go

14. January 2006 | Category Updates

… and try this again… hopefully it all goes as splendidly as it first did.


Future Proofing Entries

19. February 2005 | Category My Websites, Updates

Odd you may say, but I don’t think so. I’ve been trying to track down something like this for a while now. So when/if I change archives links to particular posts will be flexible and change as well. Used following sites for guidance:


and following from Diveintomark.org:

Not remarkable stuff but every little bit helps make things workout better. This Macros thing is interesting, seems most people use it to convert 🙂 into a real smiley or such, but a few are pushing it a tad more hardcore. I might revisted this again if something more seems interesting.