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9. December 2021 | Category Observations

It’s gonna snow tomorrow and the world is losing its collective mind. Should be a doozy.



5. January 2017 | Category Observations

Can only think that 2017 will be a new adventure. The old year was a roller-coaster and I can only hope that things go upward and onward in 2017.

I am actively continuing with my hobbies:

Manufactured Spending

Mystery Shopping

I’ve spent considerable time and passion on both of these two areas in the last few years really.

I’ve also kept up my interest in technology. Now if I could meld all 3 together into a job that mints $$$ I’d be set.

Seeing as I haven’t updated this site in ages, hopefully it won’t be another 4 year gap in posts!


Thrivent Financial for Who?

11. February 2013 | Category Observations

It’s interesting to see that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans is giving up on it’s core group – Lutherans. Recently, they sent members an update asking them to change their focus from Lutherans to Christians by members voting to okay this change.

I think this has been in the works since AAL (Aid Association for Lutherans) and Lutheran Brotherhood merged to create this ‘behemoth’ in the Lutheran Fraternal Benefit Society.

I have not seen any improvements from this link-up since it’s beginning. They have merged organizations, de-emphasized Lutheran in their name and have done nothing to market to their core constituency ~ Lutherans. Why don’t they spend their time, energy and money to market products that Lutherans would feel was worth their investments? Why short-change your society when their are numerous organizations already doing what you hope to do?

I’m not sure who’s getting the pay-day from this organizations slow disintegration, but I’d stand to bet it’s those that are in power and making the ‘executive’ decisions. What greed and selfishness.

For more insite, visit:

Thrivent for ???

Next, Thrivent for non-Lutherans?


Wedding Update!

10. May 2009 | Category Observations

Suppose that it’s no longer ‘new’ news but having gotten married lately, pictures are being requested. I indeed have a link to them.

Try out piotter.us/weddingphotos for all of the official ones, plus a set my 2nd cousin so graciously did for us.

Also a few family/friends have posted a few to Facebook, which I now have a nifty link to facebook.com/mpiotter

All the wedding can also be seen at the wedding website: michaelpiotter.com/wedding as well!



Jim Cramer still has a job?

7. March 2009 | Category Money, Observations

How is it that some buffoon on CNBC has a job where he just sits and picks stocks out of midair, day after day after day? Does anyone no how to spell fraud?