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18. February 2005 | Category Internet, Rest of Site, Technology, Updates

After searching Google for a while, decided to plug in the ol’ surname ~ Piotter and low and behold my newest endevor was uncovered.

Few days back I registered piotter.tk, which points to this blog. The DotTK refers to a small bunch of islands bobbing around the Pacific. Seems they have embraced the internet to help pay for things in their country. So I registered this domain in hopes of having another Piotter domain name. One stipulation though:

Can I lose my free Dot TK domain name?

Yes, having a free Dot TK domain name does not give you the legal ownership. Dot TK allows you to use your chosen Dot TK domain name as long as you have 25 visitors or more on your domain name once every 90 days. Activity must include website access to your Dot TK website. If you don’t have more than 25 visitors to your website in 90 days, your website is either not up or you did not provide any content. That will result in a cancellation of your registration. Your domain name will then be automatically available for other registrants to register either as a free or as a paid registration.

I’m sure I won’t visit it that much, and this domain will probably expire in 90 days, but this seems like a decent way to link to a garbarled web address for a highly frequented place. Heck, they even set up email forwarding up for you.

Just a very interesting domain register.


Website Bells and Whistles

27. January 2005 | Category Genealogy, Interests, My Websites, Updates

Been fiddling around with the website again. Couple updates various parts. Updated Genealogy portion of site, with some more current information and information from the few emails I’ve received about incorrect information. Also tweaked the layout of main page to include genealogy photos on Flickr and information on PHPGedview viewing of my genealogy data. I suppose I should update the gedcom behind that one too! Along with that, changed linkage to Extra Genealogy stuff I had. I don’t know, but maybe I’d like to post somethings to a Blogger hosted Blogspot address, but Flickr kinda does that for me, but doesn’t have all the convergence with blogs that Google seems to enjoy with Blogger and Picasa’s Hello. Hm… I’ll just maintain the status quo I suppose.

The other change of mild interest may be the use of Movabletype to convert/make a website based solely on that software as a cms. It’s interesting that it actually works fairly decent. I’m not sure I’m gonna convert whole site to that though. It’s fairly labor intensive to get everythign to look/act just right and then if it all turned out, who would really be interested in the changes I’d make to the site?

I think it’s neat that you could see the whole site changes in a feedreader like say Bloglines, but then again would anyone other than myself really notice? I think I’d be willing to do it a new totally new website though, as it is kinda cool and whatnot.

So yeah. This site ain’t as stale as it used to be, which is good.


MSN Spaces

3. December 2004 | Category Internet, Rest of Site, Technology, Updates

Seems MSN is finally jumping on the blog bandwagon. So I’ve signed up with:

the epitome of ambiguity @ MSN Spaces

Not sure if it’ll be as cool as this weblog, but it’s something interesting at least. After toying around with the features and custom settings, it might be a good thing for people wanting to get into weblogs fairly easy. Even heard they might integrate the newest MSN Messenger to post to this Spaces site. We shall soon see.


Weblog Addition

31. August 2004 | Category Updates

I’ve been interested in weblogs and now instead of ‘wasting’ whole entries on cool little sites or information I’ve come upon, I can just add things to my ‘side blog’ or link blog…. also available here. To view this handywork, please see sidebar to your right.

I garnered all my information from Elise’s Making a Sideblog or Linkblog entry. Her site has some other awesome tutorials as well!

Good stuff!


New website

15. August 2004 | Category Rest of Site, Updates

New website