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Screw UPS

24. November 2004 | Category Work

After attempting to apply online for a job with UPS for a temp position this Holiday season, I get to the screen:

Sorry, no appointments available.

WTF? After a extremely lengthy online application which asks for oodles of HR info to scout sucessfully for new hires, I get to this? Tell me the job is closed first you idiots! And the application was time sensitive, if you didn’t finish parts within certain time frames, they had you conviently start this process all over again! And no, no one officially considers Minnesota State University, Mankato as Mankato State…. get with the times UPS.

I’ve applied for this position before too. The last few years by phone, of course this job must be filled before it even reaches the masses, but they release the job posting for amusement I think. I even showed up to a booth at Minnesota State University, Mankato when I was in school there after seeing a the posting for positions with UPS ‘close to home’. Well, close to home was conviently in the Twin Cities. What twits to assume that the only people that actually live in Minnesota live in the Twin Cities. Idiots, total morons.

I’m fed up with this company. It’s drivers are no better. They race like homicidal maniacs down every road they frequent and often pull out right in front of you while they are double parked in busy downtown streets and look at you like you’re stupid for slowing down there day. Package delivery is another joke, they hide your package where ever they can hide it, often leaving to open to theft or destruction by the elements. I’ve heard a guy find a package the next spring after they ‘hid’ it in his grill and never mentioned that’s where it could be ‘found’. Pathetic.

They never even attempt to deliver it when you’re home saying they’ll get it there between 9 am to 5 pm. Well, I’m sorry, I’m expecting the Cable Guy!
UPS should cease and desist. They are a adbomination on the package industry as a whole.

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