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Black is Depressing?

30. November 2004 | Category My Websites

Recently got feedback that my website needs to be more ‘happy’!?!? Hm… black and neon green just don’t jump out as happy and exciting I guess. I thought I had read somewhere that a background in either black/white is bold and effective. Having done white for a good chunk of time and thinking white looked dirty and boring, one naturally considers the dark side of the color spectrum. And I think the shade of green I’ve implemented is a nice constrast as well to the utter blackness. I’ve always liked blue, but it doesn’t have the visibility a neon green does.

So what was I advised to do? Emoticons and awesome psychedelic backgrounds with lots of pictures and colors. Kinda the opposite of what I got now. Hm… and this was from a 13 year old kid. Is he onto something or just kidding? I may revamp some un-happy areas of the site as a result. Damn kids!

[Listening to: Happy (Live From Central Park) – Sheryl Crow & Keith Richards – (3:21)]

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