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iPod Madness

22. December 2004 | Category Money

Seems now that even the banking world has caught onto the iPod addiction that has plagued the country. Citibank is now offering an iPod mini in lieu of interest for opening a checking account with them. It seems like a tantalizing offer, but has it’s caveats. Seems you have to park some good chunk of money in there for a year, have it in a no interest checking account and pay some bills online as well. The only part that may be interesting is the online billpay which I’ve never done but could possibly have issues with.

It looks like it would work though, so all things executed properly, I should have me a shiny new iPod mini come April. I’m cautiously optimistic.

[Listening to: Kermit & Big Bird Stoned – Comedy – (2:29)]

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