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1. May 2005 | Category Work

I’ve started anew an endeavor as a commercially liscensed driver this past week and it’s been enough to drive a man to stop driving completely. I am currently helping out UFC deliver fertilizer to the farmers around the Gibbon area. I’m helping out a friend, Jason, who’s manager at that location.

Having had little actual time behind the wheel of a big truck, I was a little hesitant and green but confident in actually attempting this small feat. So off I go from the plant and pull onto State Hwy. 19 and get no more than 500 yards and DOT decides to pull me over. I was really worried he’d find something wrong with my liscense (a temporary/seasonal, also first BIG liscense I’d had) or something wrong with the rig I was driving (not the newest or greatest machine). If he had, I was certain I’d quit right then and there. But I was let go with a warning for not having a seatbelt on. I’m almost that with certain these trucks; seatbelts were a late addon.

Anyhow, I got that outta the way and enjoyed a few days of learning the ropes of driving truck and working at a coop. Then yesterday (Saturady) I had the unique opportunity of wrecking a truck engine.

I was told to take out a bigger truck than the one I had grown accustomed to. Fine. Start out and get stuck in driveway (new soft gravel and very heavy truck = not good). Got that taken care of and start out. Never get this pile of junk above 20 miles/hr – due to weight or inexpierence I’ll never know. Doing fine, keep driving as slow as a turtle until I pull upto a stop sign and stop, naturally.

Then notice cloud of dust go by, fine, then a gray vapor starts coming up from under the engine. Get out and sure enough a gray liquid is pouring out – most likely cracked head gasket or head. La-te-da. What a week! I just don’t think things could get more peachy than that for starting out something so new and almost foreign. But I made it and had some good help along the way, otherwise I might never even started. And to think I honestly worried things like this would happen before I even agreed to help out.

Things can only get better right?


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