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In The Eyes Of The Ranger

16. October 2005 | Category Celebrity
Bestest Theme Song Ever!!!

“In the Eyes of the Ranger, the unsuspecting stranger,
had better know the truth of wrong from right.
‘Cause the eyes of the Ranger are upon you, any wrong you do he’s gonna see.
When you’re in Texas, look behind you, ’cause that’s where the Ranger’s gonna be.”

Man, was there a treat on TV tonight. Seems good ol’ Chuck Norris dusted off his 10 gallon hat and bought himself one of those new Dodge Ram Trucks. Ah, the memories.

Must have been a good 10 years ago, Norris came out with Walker, Texas Ranger that was all the rage of CBS Saturday nights, unless you count the even better Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in the previous hour’s time slot. Walker was hot though. With his driving of his truck all over Texas, with the ever faithful Ranger Trivette by his side. Gosh and that Alex Cahill was some gal to have as a babe.

Nothing beat the awesome martial arts Cordell whipped out on those unsuspecting bad guys and the way he always got his man. And they always ended back up at C.D.’s place. Awwhh.

Too bad the movie tonight lacked most of the original cast of the TV series. But the same awesome storylines, action sequences and car chases were all still of that same magical stuff.


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