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365 down…..

21. June 2006 | Category Work

Wow, wow, wow.

Who’d thunk that 365 ago I would have started an endeavor that would one of the longer lasting things in my life? For my age, I’m not sure if it’s stupendously awesome and depressing mudane.

I have been gainfully employed by the same employer for the previous 365 days, supposedly. I say supposedly, because it’s all kinda relavent on what is considered employment anniversaries. I guess it was this time last year I started working again for Michael Foods. I accepted a part-time position as a Maintenance Dept. Intern for lack of better overall description. In this capacity, I got to wonder the whole of Michael Foods Gaylord Production Plant. Quite a feat in itself really. I got to catalog and recatalog almost every piece of machinery that is used in this production facility and then input into the computer system. For joy.

I whole-heartedly suggest standing on a black roof on a sunny day in the middle of August, trying to write down serial numbers of a giant intake fan, while trying to keep a bumch of papers from slipping from your grasps. Fun indeed.

From thence, I bounced around the internship gauntlet to HR, where I got to be the voice of the plant ~ “Good Afternoon, Michael Foods…. Michael speaking”. Although I think I only got a chuckle outta the one person who maybe actually asked who was answering the phones. If only I could’ve told them, yes I own the company and for fun, I occassionly run the phones. Ah, what a dream. Anywho, all these endeavors led to me applying and being hired full-time as a Microbiology Lab Technician for the Quality Assuarance Dept. some 7+ months ago.

So, I’m not really sure which dates anniversaries I should celebrate,
June 20th: my first day of employment with them
November 7th: my first day of full-time employment
Novermber 1st: supposedly the day they backdated my employment to.

Not sure. I guess the only importance is that I’ve made it this long which is kind of an odd feeling. But now I should be able to fully vest myself in a 401(k), which is very tantilizing in itself. Oh and the cantor for coffee/liquids and almost fancy certificate sure make me wanna keep charging forward.

Bring It On!


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