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Season of Giving

18. December 2007 | Category Personal, Work

With Christmas just a mere week away, I finally faced one of my fears and donated blood. No, not a vial for something med tech at the clinic. Nope.

This time is was a genuine contribution to the Red Cross. Albeit a dare of sorts. I think I convinced a co-worker that if she signed up for direct deposit of her paycheck, I would do it, as she bugged me about donating.

This is substantial on two fronts. First because for the better part of two years I’ve been trying to get said co-worker to sign up for this. She ‘said’ she handed in the form…. I’m doubting it because she laughed so as she was telling me this.

The other obstacle was that I am not particularly found of needles and the joy of having one stuck up my arm was not grand. I made a point of not looking at it because of it.

But I made it. I got a bit woozy and nauseous when I sat up, so they made me hang out for a bit before moving much. That coupled with getting a ice pack to the eye, really made for a memorable first experience.

I know it’s good to give, but it’s debatable if I’ll give in the future….


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