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Wow, an update

27. July 2010 | Category Updates

I know it’s been a exceeding long delay since the last posting. I think it’s sufficient to say that being married, working full time plus part time and being a home owner of a fixer up consumes most of my present waking hours.

Married 1 year 3 months now. That’s going good and enjoyable.


5 years at full time (got nice set of Monogrammed drinking glasses… ooh aah)

7 years at part time gig… whoa that’s long…


Numerous, numerous projects. I started with big ideas and they are slowly taking form as finished products.

First/main level completed to my liking.

Currently working on Garage wall (drywall)

Whole 2nd story
New ceilings/walls throughout, bedroom bigger, smaller bathroom, totally redo bathroom minus tub/shower, adding closets to bedroom, moving doors from bathroom to hallway entrance to back bedroom

Bits and pieces outside
Gutters, gardens, trees/plants, landscaping

Bits and pieces of basement.
Redid walls along steps to basement, remove/reroute all scary things that start/terminate in basement


Redo insulation and seal all gaps, and the list goes on forever….

98 High Ave

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