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6. July 2005 | Category My Websites, Observations, Personal

Just searching through stats and found a phrase that someone had put into Google and ended up on my site. The odd thing was that it was the phrase feel free to contact me.

Not so odd, but to have the number one search result for that phrase seemed humorous. Obviously I’m easy to contact, but alas I don’t even have a cellphone glued to my ear.

I even have a screenshot to preserve this momentous feat!

feel free to contact me

Gedview in Genealogy Section

15. June 2005 | Category Genealogy, My Websites

Guess I should have had this revelation somewhat sooner, but now everything I’ve done with the family Genealogy is listed under the subsite www.gen.michaelpiotter.com. Catchy name I know, but I hope it makes more sense to everyone than the way things were organized around here before. ***Site is now Piotter.org*** (as of Oct 2007)

The major shift(s) were the movement of the PHPgedview program now located here and movement of various data to a ‘data’ section within the website.

I am currently wishing to upload more photos and possibly digitize some of the ‘dead tree’ versions of family books I have copies of. I would need more space for storing the photos, so that where Flickr or possibly a my Blogspot blog might come in. I would like to have everything located in one easy accessible place as well. They somewhat limit what you can post and the formatting isn’t quite up to what I want, but I suppose I have to play by there rules if I’m going to have ‘free’ hosting. Shall see, because photos are fun.

As for digitizing books, I am starting to get the feeling that I could run into some trouble with that as well. It’s easy enough to scan in document to digital form, but finding a machine to do that on the cheap is gonna be somewhat difficult. Anything around Gaylord that has copy machines has the functionality, but not the addon to make digital files of said books. Then comes the copy shops, I’m sure that a Kinkos could do it, but they might be charging an arm and/or leg to do so. I have yet to try Kinkos per se, as Officemax couldn’t do it for a decent price either. I shall prevail.

Lots of thing to possibly due, I should maybe


New Kid on the Blog

30. March 2005 | Category Interests, Internet, My Websites, Personal, Technology

Yahoo! is slowly releasing it’s new whiz-bang technology that is going to unite blogging, social networking and some other stuff together under the Yahoo! brand. WOW. I’m almost as giddy as when MSN spaces went live. Props to this guy for the invite though. Man, I wonder how much these things could go for on eBay. (Looks like someone already is auctioning away a not so rare invite). Ha.

So yeah, here’s my awesome placeholder of a page. It’s bland, but it takes off, oh man, imagine the blank possibilities that await.

Wanna an invite? 100 waiting to be had. Don’t want one, no problem too.


Future Proofing Entries

19. February 2005 | Category My Websites, Updates

Odd you may say, but I don’t think so. I’ve been trying to track down something like this for a while now. So when/if I change archives links to particular posts will be flexible and change as well. Used following sites for guidance:


and following from Diveintomark.org:

Not remarkable stuff but every little bit helps make things workout better. This Macros thing is interesting, seems most people use it to convert 🙂 into a real smiley or such, but a few are pushing it a tad more hardcore. I might revisted this again if something more seems interesting.


Website Bells and Whistles

27. January 2005 | Category Genealogy, Interests, My Websites, Updates

Been fiddling around with the website again. Couple updates various parts. Updated Genealogy portion of site, with some more current information and information from the few emails I’ve received about incorrect information. Also tweaked the layout of main page to include genealogy photos on Flickr and information on PHPGedview viewing of my genealogy data. I suppose I should update the gedcom behind that one too! Along with that, changed linkage to Extra Genealogy stuff I had. I don’t know, but maybe I’d like to post somethings to a Blogger hosted Blogspot address, but Flickr kinda does that for me, but doesn’t have all the convergence with blogs that Google seems to enjoy with Blogger and Picasa’s Hello. Hm… I’ll just maintain the status quo I suppose.

The other change of mild interest may be the use of Movabletype to convert/make a website based solely on that software as a cms. It’s interesting that it actually works fairly decent. I’m not sure I’m gonna convert whole site to that though. It’s fairly labor intensive to get everythign to look/act just right and then if it all turned out, who would really be interested in the changes I’d make to the site?

I think it’s neat that you could see the whole site changes in a feedreader like say Bloglines, but then again would anyone other than myself really notice? I think I’d be willing to do it a new totally new website though, as it is kinda cool and whatnot.

So yeah. This site ain’t as stale as it used to be, which is good.