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Coconut (Coke, you nut)

8. April 2005 | Category Observations

Being branded as a Pepsi man since I worked for them a few summers back, I’ve taken a mild interest in the Cola wars and what’s up in that arena. One of the new commercials Coca-Cola is airing on TV grabbed my attention, but I think for the wrong reason. Or wait, is it a cleverly evil ploy to get me to remember it, either way, it worked.

They are advertising for the Coke with Lime, and they sing some stupid jingle, “Put the lime in the Coke, you nut”. While you know it’s stupid that they have to have the word’s displayed Disney-Karoake style, that’s not the worst of it. Their little jingle is even worse. It comes off sounding like you’re putting lime in “the coconut”, which has nothing to do with limes, Cokes, or anything remoting related to their product. If for some reason that had been part of a song of some sort consumers were aware of, it might make sense, but it isn’t a known ditty. It fails miserably.

And for inferring to potential new pop drinkers that they are “nuts”, seems very offputting as well. Maybe Coke ad execs are nuts, certifiably, for coming up with such squallor.

Oh and for the record, lime in cola sucks.