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Apocalyptic Boredom

26. April 2005 | Category Celebrity, Observations

Having just got done watching The Day after Tomorrow, I really started to wonder if there could ever really be such a thing as a good apocalyptic movie. I still have the horror that was Deep Impact deeply imbedded in my brain, but yet I was drawn like a moth to the flame. That and the superb body of work the Jake Gyllenhaal is putting together. But the director was the same genius behind Independence Day and Godzilla. So suffice to say, I should have known it sucked, I think they even say that he director these other duds on the DVD case. Silly to ignore such warnings.

All these movies ever do is make the impending doom of the world’s imminent demise the only real story, but it’s so large and grandeous of a problem that everything else gets dropped or faked for the sake of the doom. Sure the end of the world we currently know it would be horrific, but can’t they try to entertain you at least. Indepedance Day at least attempted that and even the most memborable sinking of a commerical cruiseliner Titanic made for a decent movie, not to mention a huge payday for those involved.

And the awesome CGI work the gets generated by these apocalyptic doosies is enough to stop watching as soon as it plays out pitifully as well. Who would believe cartoonish wolves would be so troublesome? You almost half expect them to start talking as they so badly out of place in the movie.

This movie didn’t suprise me, but after hearing people said they watched it and didn’t feel like they wanted to gouge their eyes out with dull spoons, I gave it a chance. I don’t think this genre will ever get my attention again. It’s just that bad.