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22. April 2005 | Category Observations

After reading about certain celebrations held on April 20th of this year 2005, I thought I had to recount my experiences with the date.

A few years back, when I was in college, I had the great honor of learning what 420 meant in and of itself. It seems to me that the exact year may have been 2000, but I’m not sure. I had went over to the apartment of a few friends that I had gone to high school with and had not seen probably since then. Being typical college kids, they were into experiencing all the joys of partying and the like. I just remember a lot of munchies, incessant reruns of SouthPark , and funny shaped metal pipes.

All the guys said they were making a point to stay up to 4:20 am, but were lax on details as to why this was such a crucial time, although it seemed entirely feasible given the male collegiate lifestyle. So, being interested in being part of this endeavor, and having not seen the Southpark movie, I obliged their request to hang out til this time.

Little did I realize until the fateful time arrived that 420 itself was a reference marijuana and that was a universal holiday and reason to light one up. Also how odd that they used those oddly shaped metal pipes to partake in these festivities. Ah, you live, you learn.

This holiday also heightened my awareness of the ‘neat’ graffiti that miracously appeared on Hwy 111 north of Nicollet one year, say sometime in April and was subsiquently redone the next year.