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Poor Penniless Marshall Mathers

15. April 2005 | Category Celebrity, Music

Just heard a new ditty by Eminem on the ol’ radio, something of a nursery rhyme called Mockingbird. Some song about him growing up poor and having it so rough with things before becoming the most successful white rapper in history. (eat it Vanilla Ice)

see lyrics

And at the time every house that we lived in
Either kept getting broke into and robbed
Or shot up on the block and your mom was saving money for you in a jar
Tryna start a piggy bank for you so you could go to college
Almost had a thousand dollars till someone broke in and stole it
And I know it hurt so bad it broke your momma’s heart

I am amused by this. He’s got the brains to be so successful now, but he couldn’t make sense enough to put all that money someplace safe, say a bank? Silliness.

It also fits his poor image that I read about a few years ago, that when he was down and out in Detroit. His house was getting broken into and the guys stole his new playstation or something. Poor management of priorities as well. Guy says he was starving and penniless, but yet again someone can break in and steal things worth quite a bit of cash. Hard to believe.

Maybe him and all his buddies that always seem to go from rags to riches should fess up and tell it how things really are. Everyone’s got a sob story, just ask them. Except most people I know don’t go on to make millions off of such pains. Maybe they just suck it up and put their money in banks and don’t going buying things that are convienent to steal.


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